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Haunted Djinn Genie Spirit Ring for sale

Act now - the auction is LIVE!

Continuing the theme of Paranormal online auctions, I thought I’d do a bit of searching for myself.  A quick search on eBay brought up this result.  Now, I’m sure few people out there know how easy it is to purchase a haunted fire-spirit-possessed ring (cleverly marketed as “no demon vampire”), but apparently it’s quite common.  Reportedly, the Djinn that inhabits the ring is 7,467 years old, she has the beauty of a mermaid, she is known for her hypnotic voice, and possesses “…the fierce righteous indignation that protects the innocent and supports the needy”.  Sound too good to be true?  On the contrary, the sellers are confident that this artifact is so real they’ve included a photo of the fire spirit manifesting in our earthly realm:

The Manifesting Djinn?

I don’t know much about manifesting Djinn, but that looks a lot like a photo of a lighter taken with a long exposure.  If I’m wrong, I know that I might wake up as a smoldering pile of ex-human ashes – but call it intuition, I think it’s just a lighter.  Actually, I guess a skeptic wouldn’t wake up at all if he had been smote by a vengeful Djinn.  No matter, but I’m guessing this “manifestation” process doesn’t happen very often.  Still, even if it isn’t easy to call out the Djinn, the sellers covered their new age rear ends with a clever disclaimer:

Darn.  I was just beginning to think it’s real.

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