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Haunted Hotspots: The Bridgewater Triangle

Indian Rock, Hockomock Swamp

Well, it’s that time of year again – the two freaky weeks leading up to Halloween.  And although a connection between increased paranormal activity and “All Hallows Eve” has never been proven, what better time of year to bring awareness to the Paranormal Field? 

As such, please enjoy this little series of posts on fiendishly freaky places to visit in New England over the weeks leading up to Halloween.  I hope you get a chance to drop in for a scare! 

And while we’re on the subject, are you, or anyone you know, experiencing paranormal activity in your home and would like some answers?  If so, please remember that our group, the Paranormal Research Association of Boston, conducts FREE, confidential paranormal investigations, using science as our main tool of discovery.  Visit our homepage for more information, here

The Bridgewater Triangle 

The Bridgewater Triangle

No location in Massachusetts summons up a greater sense of the Unknown than the Bridgewater Triangle.  You’ve probably heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but this area in the Southeast region of Massachusetts is known for its own brand of paranormal phenomena.  The triangle is cornered by the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown, and contains the historic Bridgwater State College, and mysterious Hockomock Swamp. 

Paranormal claims range from various cryptid sightings to abnormally frequent encounters with unidentified flying objects.  But I want to focus on the activity associated with a more appropriate phenomenon : ghosts. 

Bridgewater State College 

Thanks to our friends over at The Shadowlands for a great summary of paranormal activity at the Bridgewater State College.  Many of the residence halls on campus are supposedly plagued by paranormal activity.  The fifth floor of Shea-Durgin hall is purportedly haunted by a poltergeist who likes to stack chairs and soda cans, while room 228 is said to be occupied by the spirit of a murdered female student.  In addition, Wood Hall and Tillinghast halls are supposedly haunted by other students who met untimely fates.

But student residences are not the only locations with purported activity.  The Campus Centre Auditorium is said to be the haunt of a ghost named George, who likes to play with stage lights and musical instruments left in the orchestra pit.

Ghost Hitchhiker on Route 44

Our friend Courtney over at Haunt Jaunts has an awesome account of this ghostly phenomenon. 

People often report seeing a ghostly man with red hair and a plaid shirt hitchhiking on Route 44 between Sekonk and Rehoboth.   In one account, a woman reports seeing a man matching that description who suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.  After driving her car straight through the ghostly figure, she stopped the car to investigate.  Purportedly, she found no evidence of anyone in the road.

Hockomock Swamp

Termed “The Devil’s Swamp” by early settlers, its name actually means “the place where spirits dwell”.  Witnesses report seeing ghostly lights and spheres of energy hovering through the shadowy forests.  Within the area, several Native American burial grounds attest to the spiritual nature of this hallowed land.

Whichever location within the Bridgewater Triangle piques your interest for a freaky encounter, please make sure to obtain proper permission before stepping foot in any of these fiendish locations.

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