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A pumpkin spice latte ate my wallet!

Halloween is a very busy time for Paranormal Investigators.  For whatever reason, more people contact our team during the Fall than any other time of year.  Perhaps it’s the cold weather that drives people inside where they notice more phenomena – or simply the spooky feelings of Halloween – I don’t know.  Anyway, to get in the “spirit” of things, I thought I’d stop by Starbucks for a fall-themed caffeinated beverage, since I’ve heard so much about them.

In an economy where families are struggling to make ends meet, and careful budgeting is the norm, I find it fascinating that America’s favorite coffee corporation sees fit to RAISE their prices.  That’s right:

$5.00 for a cup of coffee.

Before I knew what happened, it had grabbed my wallet – it was a terrible swirl of teeth and foamed milk.  With a bit of quick thinking, I managed to pry free a 5-dollar bill, dropped it as a distraction, and ran out of that place screaming before anyone could say “recycled post-consumer paper products”!

What an experience.  Tasty, but not worth five-hundred pennies.

So, if you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity in your house, and you would like someone to talk to, please fill out an e-File request here.  We’re always willing to listen, even during our busiest time of year.  We may, however, ask you one VERY important question:

“Do you have a coffee maker?  Because we’re bringing Folgers!”

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