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Haunted Hotspots : Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel is located in the beautiful Bretton Woods area of Carroll, New Hampshire.   According to Wikipedia.Org, the hotel was built in 1902, for the cost of 1.7 million dollars, by the millionaire Joseph Stickney.  After making his fortune as a Coal broker and Railway Tycoon, Stickney wanted to provide his lovely wife Carolyn with a palace to match her beauty.

Within a year of the Hotel’s completion, Joseph Stuckney was dead.  His wife Carolyn continued to live in the Hotel, and it soon became a symbol of opulance and luxury in the early 20th Century.  According to an article on 25 Haunted New England Inns on Boston.Com, Carolyn Stickney often hosted luxurious dinner parties at the hotel, and she routinely spied her guest’s attire from a hidden vantage point on her balcony.  Her spy work would always allow Carolyn to arrive at dinner dressed to out-do all her guests.  Carolyn’s opulant lifestyle would continue when she married Prince Lucinge of France, and Princess Carolyn remained the owner of the estate until she died in 1934.

According to RealHaunts.Com, the ghost of Carolyn Stickney has been seen peering down from her balcony (perhaps trying to see her guests’ attire), and guests have reported hearing “ghostly” music throughout the hotel.  Further, according to some guests, the smell of perfume floats throughout the hotel, and televisions change channels by themselves.  Interestingly, a beautiful handcrafted four-post bed in Room 314 is said to be a manifestation point for Carolyn Stickney’s apparition.

The Hotel was featured on the TV series Ghost Hunters in 2008, and a seemingly amazing EVP (perhaps too amazing to be believable) was captured:

Whether or not you believe the evidence and personal claims of paranormal activity, The Mount Washington Hotel remains a beautiful example of a Grand Hotel in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Declared a National Historical Landmark in 1986, the Mount Washington hotel is a perfect destination for anyone wishing to stay where history meets relaxation.

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