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Photos: Apparition at the Tunnel Bar, Northampton, MA?

Via Phantoms and Monsters:

The following photos were taken at the Tunnel Bar, which is below the Union Station restaurant in Northampton, Massachusetts:

First Photo, Union Bar

No Anomaly

Photo with Anomaly

Photo with Anomaly


Enlarged Anomaly

Originally a train station built in 1896, the Union Station building was the scene of intense happy and sad emotions for new arrivals and those departing for war overseas.  One theory that attempts to explain paranormal phenomena suggests that intense human emotions may remain grounded in certain locations, resulting in “residual” hauntings.  Is this happening at the Union Station building?  Some people think so.  The photos above were snapped by a young visitor to the bar, and the description is as follows:

My daughter’s friend has taken successive photos (2) in which the second photo taken a few seconds after the first shows a woman in 50’s or 60’s green and aqua dress with an updo hair style. She is floating in a tilted position with no legs. The arms and hands look oddly grey and odd looking in shape. She is near people sitting on barstools and is elevated slightly higher than they are. The person taking the photo said the woman was not there when she took the shot.

To me, it’s hard to tell if the anomaly is simply a person…or something else.  Of course it is entirely possible that the whole thing is a hoax.  It would be quite easy to afix an old-fashioned dress to a pole and hold it up for the photo.  And no.  Those are not orbs.  IT IS DUST.

As an example of how easy it is to mistake clothes for ghosts, I’m sure everyone remembers the famous Vatican City Ghost from a while back.  Turned out to be nothing more than a tour guide using a robe on a pole to signal the members of her tour group:

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