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TAPS plans press release this week

Via Paranormal Eyes:

So it seems the truth has finally caught up with TAPS.  The sensationalized “paranormal” plumbers plans a press release this week regarding a recent radio interview by former member Donna Lacroix, on the Ghost Divas show.  Seems good ol’ Donna finally spilled the beans regarding how TAPS managed to catch footage of ghosts again, and again, and again without fail, every week.  And it ain’t pretty.

For the entire interview, click here.

For a great summary video, click here.

I can’t wait for the press release.

Update 11/18/09:  I saw this article today on, which had some troubling news regarding the Ghost Divas interview:

Ron Tebo of stating that, and I quote, “Folks after careful consideration (and at Donna’s request) we have decided to delete all articles and comments in regards to this botched situation brought on by two self absorbing bowwows with one agenda … humiliating others.” The email continues to state that “Donna’s health is deteriorating due to this colossal disorder brought on by three uncaring and selfish misfits.”

Deteriorating health, eh?  Or has she been threatened?  Who knows.  Troubling, nonetheless.

Here is’s explanation for removing the articles.  Whatever happened to responsible journalism?

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3 Responses

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  1. Bottomless says

    I have already seen it somethere…

  2. JesseMarieW. says

    Scifake and responsible journalism are strangers.
    He also pulled a thread about Chip C and he has
    pulled several about Jason. Ron Tebo and Jason
    feed off of each other and imho, they deserve each
    other. At first it was “poor, grateful, Donna” but that
    did not last very long.

  3. nate says

    The whole thing is a fiasco. I just hope the TRUTH really comes out. Thanks for the comments!

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