Paranormal Research Association of Boston

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What does the PRAB logo represent?

Most organizations have a logo to make theirs stand out from the crowd. Wouldn’t it be boring if everything was just plain text? A logo should make a statement about the organization and what it represents.  With that in mind, we would like to advise you of the meaning of the Paranormal Research Association of Boston’s logo.


The Main Logo
The logo depicts the Boston Skyline shaded out. This represents people being in the dark about paranormal happenings. As it is a field that is only newly being researched, this is a representation of our field as it is. In the center of this skyline there is a flame from a candle. This represents the paranormal community coming into the dark to spread the truth about paranormal events through our work.  


 Tag Line
The Tag line of the PRAB is the same as our sister group, the Paranormal Research Association of Ireland, Truth Through Science




Who's Here?

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