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Haunted: A Guide to Paranormal Ireland

By Paul Fennel, Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

HAUNTED is the most comprehensive guide's into the world of the paranormal and into the world of the paranormal Ireland. I have divided it into two sections to develop your understanding of this world. In section one you will be brought on a journey into the unknown, a journey that will take you into the world of Ghosts, Spirits, Poltergeists and Hauntings. You will learn why ghosts walk through walls or even why they only appear once a year. It will teach you how to recognise the difference between common house noises and a noisy spirit. You will learn how to use a range of scientific equipment that can detect the presence of paranormal activity and teach you how to investigate you on location or investigate one of the many locations listed within its pages.

This book is by Paul Fennel of the PRAI. It can be ordered here

Image and text used with permission from the Paul Fennel, Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

The Full Facts book of Cold Reading

By: Ian Rowland

Cold reading is also often used by people who pretend they give 'psychic' readings, and it enables them to give 'amazingly accurate' readings to complete strangers.

This is the definitive book on cold reading. It explains everything there is to know about this limitless technique! How can you apparently tell complete strangers about names, dates and events that mean something to them? In business, how can you seemingly get inside the mind of every lead, customer, client, colleague and rival? This book explains all, and is the most authoritative ever written on the subject.

'This book provides a detailed and comprehensive description of how cold reading works. It refers mainly to so-called 'psychics' and their claims, but also explores cold reading as used in other contexts. The book can be ordered here

Image and text used with permission from Ian Rowland

The Enemies of Reason - Uncut DVD

By: Richard Dawkins

During the filming of Channel 4’s (UK Television Channel) The Enemies of Reason, Richard Dawkins conducted several extended interviews which were cut down for the program’s final broadcast. Covering “alternative” medicine, psychics and cold reading, water dowsing, mediums and more, these 9 extended interviews are the perfect supplement to the original program.

Explore the issues in more depth as Dawkins interviews spiritualists Deepak Chopra and Satish Kumar, Astrologist Neil Spencer, Illusionist Derren Brown, Professors Michael Baum, Nicholas Humphry, and Chris French, “medium” Craig Hamilton-Parker, Homeopath Dr. Peter Fisher and more.

The video with Derren Brown can be seen here and Richard's Website can be seen here

Image, text and video used with permission from Richard Dawkins

The Parapsychology Revolution: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Boston University

Ground in scientific acumen and constructive inquiry, this anthology shines a rare, clarifying light on the controversial realms of psychical and paranormal research, collecting key reports, essays, and arguments from more than a century of investigation into matters such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and poltergeist activity.

Studies in the modern laboratory, employing rigorous methodology and peer-reviewed oversight, have conclusively etected statistical anomalies suggesting the presence of some not yet understood faculty of the human mind.  In The Parapsychology Revolution, Robert M. Schoch, PhD.—a scholar widely known for his geological theories that question the conventional dating of the Great Sphinx—and researcher Logan Yonavjak introduce and anthologize the core
writings that underscore the range and continuing challenges of psychical research.

The book can be ordered here

Image, text and video used with permission from Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Irish Ghosts: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research

By Peter Underwood

At first look this book looks like any number of books out there today in regards to the paranormal but as you delve into the first few pages there is something quite different which caught me off guard. This book is laid out in a very different format which the author states “Every entry contains detail as to its location, History, People associated with the property, Manifestations, Probable Identity, Frequency and Witnesses and Evidence.” I found this refreshing from the usual humdrum of cookie cutter books. The author clearly had been researching Ireland for some time as his entries span every corner of this historical land. Indeed reports of ghosts or spirits have been present in Ireland’s history for many years.

I appreciated as I read through this book that the author leaves out personal views on each location instead writing purely the facts and reports of those who were directly involved. I was surprised at the amount of sites listed in this book which I was unaware of. The shear number made me sit back in my chair and wonder what I have been missing. This book will serve me well in the future as a guide and reference point for many investigations to come.

This book is an essential reference guide to over one hundred alleged haunted locations in Ireland. It is perfect for anyone interested in the paranormal and a must have for any experienced investigators kit.

The book can be ordered here

Review by David Wenger, Paranormal Research Association of Ireland
Image, text and video used with permission from Amberly Books Publishing



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