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Investigations: What to expect.

We understand that having to seek the assistance of paranormal investigators can be a big step and many of our clients are uneasy due to a combination of uncertainty about the problems they are experiencing and of course concerns about privacy.

Firstly let us assure you of our absolute discretion at all times. You will never see any details of your case posted on our website and all of our members have signed non disclosure agreements never to discuss any aspect of a private case with anybody other than the client and those team members actively involved in the case.

Of course we understand that you will have many questions about exactly what happens on an investigation so this page is designed to help answer some of those.

Also please note that we do not charge for any of our services at any stage.


Initial Contact

The initial enquiry can for some be the most daunting step in the entire process. Many people are unsure of what if any assistance they require and are concerned about whether they are going to be taken seriously but let us assure you that you will be taken seriously.
You can make your initial contact through e-mail, phone or e-filing. This allows you time to think about the problem and write it down in your own time and at your own pace. If there is any part of the form you would prefer not to answer well that's fine you can just skip it and continue; of course the more information you give us the better we are able to understand he problem you are having and help you address it.


After receiving your completed form we will arrange for a member of our team to interview you either by telephone, at your premises or another location if that is your preference.
The interview process is completely informal and easy going. During the interview we will discuss what you wrote on the form and allow you to expand on any issues and most importantly it allows you to ask any questions or address any other concerns that you might have. Additionally we will explain your options to you after which you can leave and decide how and if you want to proceed further.


If it has been decided that a site visit is required then our first step is to send a small team to survey the site. This is your opportunity to show us around the area so we can gain a fuller understanding of what is happening. The survey team will take notes and photographs of the area and attempt to identify any obvious or potential natural causes for the phenomenon. The team will also note any potential hazards to a safe investigation of the site.


After the interviews and survey is complete the team will meet to discuss the case. If it is decided that a full investigation team should be dispatched and if you still wish to proceed then a mutually convenient time and date will be arranged for the investigation. At that point you will receive guidelines on what to do and what not to do when the investigation team is on site. It is important that these are followed as our work is very detailed and sensitive to interference. These guidelines are important to prevent situations like our team arriving to find a large audience of the clients friends and family have turned up to watch in situations like this the investigation would have to be abandoned and rescheduled which wastes everyone’s time. We will try to keep the number of site visits to a minimum but in a number of cases more than one visit will be required and it may be necessary with your co-operation to leave scientific equipment in place for duration of time.


At the end of the investigation we will furnish you with our results and an investigation report detailing our findings. We will also offer advice on how to proceed further if you wish. It is important to note that we do not attempt to remove any spirits or presences that may be there. Our goal is to ascertain their existence and to offer scientifically sound theories on natural events that may be responsible for suspected paranormal events.


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