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The Team


Ian Murphy, Lead Investigator and Founder

I created the Paranormal Research Association of Boston after moving here from Ireland. While I lived in Ireland, I founded and led the Paranormal Research Association of Ireland for 4 years. In the time since I started the PRAI, the team was made up of the best people in their fields and it has since grown and become the authority in Ireland for Paranormal Research. I hope that the PRAB has the same experience.

Outside of paranormal research, I work full time as a Paramedic and am an avid photographer

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Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team) & Media Contact

Brad Goldfarb, Core Team Member

Client Manager

I joined the Paranormal Research Association of Boston in October of 2008.This is my first time working in this field, and I am looking forward to future investigations and reaching out to the community with such a reputable investigative team. Outside of Paranormal Research I work full time as a Corrections Officer, and enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, and also playing sports.

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Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team) & Media Contact

Greg Lannigan, Core Team Member

Technical Manager

I joined the Paranormal Research Association of Boston in October of 2008. My entire life I have been fascinated by the paranormal and the science behind it. I am looking forward to helping people find the answers that they want and need. While not investigating with PRAB i am a full time Corrections Officer.

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Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team) & Media Contact

Kelly Johnson , Core Team Member

I joined PRAB in 2010. I have done paranormal research off and on since 2006. I'm really looking forward to doing more science-based research and learning new theories and skills to apply in investigations. Outside PRAB I'm a tour guide who recently moved to the Boston area from the west coast. I enjoy playing ice hockey, writing, and too many other things to list!

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Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team)

Lauren Gentile , Trainee Paranormal Investigator II

I am a South Florida native with a BA in Criminology and Law from the University of Florida and a current Penn State MPA graduate student specializing in Homeland Security, and I am a highly analytical person who loves to research and enjoys 'digging deep' in order to get answers and uncover the truth, no matter the subject! I am a natural-born investigator and such a skill has been heavily channeled into my interest in the paranormal, which began when I was a child. Professionally, I am extremely passionate about the fields of public safety and preparedness, but outside of work I am deeply interested in paranormal research, astronomy, photography, mountain climbing, cooking, horseback riding, Civil War history, and am an avid animal lover. I love to be challenged and stay as active as I can both mentally and physically. I also have a serious/border-line abnormal weakness for french fries. I joined PRAB in 2012 in order to help people (and myself) understand the truth behind paranormal experiences, and second to french fries, paranormal research is one of my greatest passions

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Joanna A.H. MacGugan , Trainee Paranormal Investigator I

Joanna joined PRAB in January 2015. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in medieval history at the University of Connecticut with research interests in medieval Irish lamentation, funeral, and burial ritual and cultural geography. Joanna has long had an interest in the supernatural, and is keen to balance her historical interests with exploration of the science behind paranormal research.

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Amanda Brandt , Trainee Paranormal Investigator I

Bio to Come

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Nate Goldstien MA, Core Team Member [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Lead Investigator, Colorado

I joined the PRAB in August, 2009 to satisfy my curiosity for the unexplained.  As a research biologist, I have always enjoyed the thrill of discovery, and I hope to bring my scientific expertise to the group.  I have a master’s degree in biology from the University of Colorado, and I use strict scientific guidelines to design experiments, test specific hypotheses, and make conclusions based on statistical evidence.

Nate is now heading up the Paranormal Research Association of Colorado and remains strongly connected with the PRAB

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Status: Active Team Roster (Colorado) & Media Contact

David Wenger Core Team Member<

Lead Investigator, Ireland

David is one of our core members and Lead Investigator of Ireland; he has been with the team since October 2006. David has been interested in the paranormal since his experiences as a child. Coming from a retail and corporate security/loss prevention background he has experience with CCTV and also working experience in interpretation of verbal and non-verbal behavior. During his time with the group David has appeared on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International and most recently the Bio Channel My Ghost Story. “ I employ a logical approach to investigating using the equipment we have and a lot of common sense”



Paranormal Alliance

International Knowledgebase

The Paranormal Research Association of Ireland []

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The Paranormal Research Association of Boston in constantly in touch with its roots in Ireland discussing ideas, theories and evidence to bring the best experience and service possible to its clients here in Boston. This international alliance helps not only the PRAB but the community as a whole, and in the same vein, our clients


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