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Electromagnetic Fields

Article: PRAB-CI-772

Article by: Ian Murphy, Paranormal Research Association of Boston

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If you’re reading this page, I can take it that you have seen the TV shows, read up on
paranormal research or are having suspected paranormal events happening to you. You
have probably seen or read about EMF’s and wondered what they are all about.

We are surrounded by natural EM forces our whole lives not only by naturally occurring EMF
fields produced by the Earth, but also from manufactured sources. It affects the behaviour
of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The field can be viewed as the combination of
an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is produced by stationary charges,
and the magnetic field by moving charges; these two are often described as the sources of
the field. In fact, right now you in the middle of a low‐level EMF field right now. Your
computer, cell phone, lights, TV, in fact anything in your house creates an EMF field. Studies
have found that these are not detrimental to your health.

There are many theories out there, and one that is highly propagated in the media, is that
these EMF fields are a sign that ghosts are present. While this field is primarily theory based,
this is a theory that I cannot subscribe to. But, there is a correlation between areas where
there are high EMF readings and where ghosts are seen. And this is data that cannot be
ignored and should not be.
So instead of jumping from A, there’s a high EMF field to C, there are ghosts present we
have to look at B, what is the EMF doing to our neurochemistry?

So let’s look at B. What IS EMF doing to our neurochemistry? The central nervous system
(CNS) is dependent on electrical signalling and forms appropriate, complex connections and
networks. The CNS is therefore potentially among the most important targets for
electromagnetic field (EMF) effects. Immune cells are reportedly among the most sensitive
cells to EMF effects. Brain microglia, the resident immune cells of the CNS, can be stimulated
to produce a number of cytokines, which have been shown to be important in certain
aspects of brain function, as well as in inflammatory and neurotoxic responses to brain
injury in adults.

When your neurochemistry is being affected by a high EMF field, it can cause you to see
things, hear things, feel nervous or any other number of feelings or hallucinations. Once
your CNS is being misdirected by a high EMF field, it is entirely possible for your brain to
attempt to make sense of the orders it is being given by creating any of the above

Most paranormal investigators, including the Paranormal Research Association of Boston,
use meters that measure in mG (mili‐Gauss) or Gauss, which measures magnetic force. The
field that surrounds an object is not linear; instead it is spherical, as with most forms of
energy. It surrounds an object in a dome so to speak. The further away from the center of
the EMF source you go, the readings dissipate exponentially. This graph from the EPA shows
the different EMF output from common appliances


Distance from source
 Florescent Lights
 Lowest 20----
 Median 406
Ceiling Fans
Highest 50 61
Microwave Ovens
 100 11
 200 40 10 2

Paranormal investigators can use this data to explain possible paranormal phenomena, or
more to the point perceived paranormal phenomena. And a good investigator always looks
at the whole area before jumping to a conclusion.


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