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PCMS License


To facilitate us in issuing a license for your PCMS installation, please supply the following details

Your Full Name

The Name of your organization

Your Email Address

A link to your website (If Requesting a Non Profit Licence)

Any other information supporting your non profit claim.

The Server data block from http://*your domain*/*your PCMS directory*/ioncube/serverinfo.php

The Server Data Block will look like this:

------ SERVER ADAPTER DATA ----- 82323U4Y7YYF9qSQtcDhLsPPgL8h6Pqd C8LyqzQff3UtS+2/Edqa1Upw1YZLsRV4 MqG8XeRk/cJC2RE6o5wCE85bRCjpWb0q ntBSZ81G68VKPMeb3MOA1oBaS4nVJp9R 6oYdx1LWWoBJJdVTjglAtq4zwN7bG7+Z J871GP4HtnGKh7vEn7viuiTf5IV3ms0i HouCiAS+Hv0pfIhprITsClHGBwVuVDRg 6c3LKUrWAmqfF9udkUY325/4cAa47JkQ Gb+qJfNoROYCsgdWV9ixMp1DPUipDGtn tNLTGHKMzedenRq3ZJlu9cClmo+I5Hq/ LoA8lzhoYnpsZ3a9WMYKPw7BMH9MUdG3 S1orQ8wsMzxSc04jGTh/qwvB6lucqQ1L Z5qezjfoUK2Qbchgtmb0VMmpgdf3MrPv DVjwhn/hWuEw1khUFTepk9rlA8cG5JSi QHl5KszeDv46OrefT0ji+4bTLtWvj5VO FDYZ17+GPc/2YvY3xeao3PujxwClYz9C 2MGVS3N728NjaX4prT6zhMCGREWLRpYZ PGR0dXX6fgyO9C2DXbgF3Um6V2u9jooR 9BuUFBIJj/KthOA17DZzzacxwvRMTiFI MLSHo+gpM6qdzTFbC0ejZuTgB9rSAO19 I9NlZuf3hh+tQqHbEs2w+7eN96fwDYHS cGIMwgLDlbk1dv6i+efKAODlnYepZtDr C/llKQY= --------------------------------

Please, DO NOT modify this data in any way or we will not be able to generate your license.

When your license is generated a file called key.txt will be attached to your request, this file must be placed in the same directory as PCMS, if the file is missing or has been modified in any way the program will not Run.

Final Note, Your request is only viewable to yourself and PRAI / PRAB Staff

Once you are ready, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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