Paranormal Research Association of Boston

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PRAB Live!


What is PRAB Live! ?

PRAB Live! is a new system the PRAB are currently evaluating. We are attempting to use it on our public investigations, to give the community and the general population a way to see how we work and perform investigations. It is also used to give other teams in our community the ability to view our investigation, live, and comment on something we may wish to look at more closely when we are analyzing our data.


Is PRAB Live! going to stream investigations from private residences?

No. We will never stream from a private residence. That is against our confidentiality agreement. It is only used as a vehicle for members of the public to see a public investigation that they would not have been able to join in with.


When are PRAB Live! shows run?

Keep an eye on this page or our news page and you will see the live events as they happen. They will coincide with publicized public events


Where can I see PRAB Live! ?

You can see a video about PRAB Live! here

You can view the live shows here







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