Paranormal Research Association of Boston

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Published Investigations


Mainly, the investigations the PRAB engages in are in households, and therefore are not published.

However, from time to time, we perform investigations which can be publicized and you will find the results on this page. The investigation reports you find here are from historical locations and the reports are published with the consent of the clients.

We wish to thank all our historical clients for their permission and for having us at their location. It provides an invaluable resource to the PRAB and the community at large to be able to publish these findings.

Investigation ID: PRAB-COM-0501 - Regina Russell's Tea Room, Quincy, MA

Investigation ID: PA-COM-091909 - USS Salem

Investigation ID: PRAB-COM-041210 - Colonial House, Cape Cod

Investigation ID: PRAB-COM-1112 - USS Salem 2010

Investigation ID: PRAB-COM-012211 - Colonial House, Cape Cod

Investigation ID: PRAB-COM-101311 - USS Salem 2011

Investigation ID:

PRANH-PUB-012716 - Lavina's Relaxed Dining, Center Harbor NH, 2016



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