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What is Para-Class?

Para-Class is a new initiative by the Paranormal Research Association of Boston to give you the chance to learn the main techniques used in a scientific paranormal research team. Whether you want to get more education, start your own team, be a better candidate to join an existing team or just enjoy the TV shows and want to lean more, Para-Class is for you.
This course is a variation of the training received by PRAB trainees. There is no aspect of psychic / mediumship as the PRAB does not utilize these services as we do not believe they enhance our scientific ethos.
All instructors are senior members of the PRAB, with some guest speakers from other teams.

How long does the class run?

The class runs for 6 weeks in the evening time. Each session is only 2 hours long. Remember, this is an introduction to the science of paranormal research.

The class is split into 6 sessions covering

Session 1: Introduction to Paranormal Research
Session 2: Introduction to Equipment
Session 3: Data Analysis: Audio
Session 4: Data Analysis: Visual
Session 5: Interview Techniques for the Paranormal Investigator
Session 6: Starting a Paranormal Research Team

How much does the class cost?


Course Code #5111F


When is the class to be held?

Para-Class Winter Session will be held in Braintree Community Continuing Education Center starting September 20th 2011 at 18:30 - 20:30

NEW! The class also includes an on-line resource provided by the PRAB to aid in retention of the new information.

You can view the BCCE's website here

Enrollment is available here and online here

Please note, enrollment and completion of Para-Class does not infer membership in the PRAB. The PRAB does not set the price for this class, it is set by Braintree Community Continuing Education Center


Paraclass 2010 in review

The 2010 session of ParaClass was by all accounts a great success. We were able to meet some very interesting and intelligent individuals who made some great progress in the class. We thank all our participants for their time and energy for making this class memorable and rewarding for you, and for us. And I thank you for all your kind reviews of the course.

Some comments we received on the course on completion:

"Very enjoyable, I'm glad I signed up"

"It was great!"

"The course showed me a side of paranormal research I hadn't considered before. It opened my mind to new ideas and questions. I Really enjoyed this class"

"I would love to do a more advanced class [with the PRAB]"

"The course was excellent!"


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